LCPS Students Earn the New Mexico State Seal of Bilingualism and Biliteracy

Las Cruces Public Schools hosted the awards ceremony for the New Mexico State Seal of Bilingualism and Biliteracy on May 4, in the gymnasium at Centennial High School. More than 123 students earned their state seal for bilingualism and biliteracy in a language they have studied over the years.

 The top 15 students earned a distinguished seal based off their GPA and assessment score. The student with the highest GPA and assessment score earned the outstanding state seal for bilingualism and biliteracy.

The New Mexico State Seal of Bilingualism and Biliteracy honors students as they prepare to meet the needs of their communities by becoming bilingual and biliterate. The state seal of bilingualism and biliteracy on a New Mexico high school diploma certifies that the recipient is proficient in a language other than English. Proficiency, in this case, means the ability to express oneself and participate effectively in most social and academic situations.

 The Bilingualism-Biliteracy State Seal statute and rule are not only an important piece of New Mexico history, but they are a meaningful and practical legacy as an ideal avenue for students interested in showcasing and leveraging their proficiency in one or more languages other than English. The graduating class of 2016 was the first class to include graduates with the state seal on their diploma of excellence as well as a notation on their transcript.

 This year, LCPS is proud to honor 123 students from high schools around the district with their official state seal of bilingualism and biliteracy. The students who earned their state seal for bilingualism and biliteracy are as follows:


Las Cruces Public Schools:

New Mexico State Seal of Bilingualism/Biliteracy

† Indicates Distinguished Seal Recipient

¥ Indicates Outstanding Seal Recipient

* Indicates Global Seal Recipient


Arrowhead Park Early College High School/Arrowhead Park Medical Academy

Valeria Calderón Olivas- Spanish *

Isabel Pérez-González- Spanish † *

Abril Ramírez-Holguín- Spanish *

Ariana Rodríguez- Spanish *

Brianna Ruiz- Spanish *

Elizabeth Varela- Spanish *


Centennial High School

Bashir Abudabbous- Arabic *

Sebastián Álvarez- Spanish † *

Jarhec Arreola- Spanish † *

Sadi Adabache- Spanish *

Saul Burciaga- Spanish *

Grace Chang- Korean † *

Iván Chávez Parra- Spanish *

Emmy Corral- Spanish *

Andrea Díaz- Spanish *

Kimberly Domínguez- Spanish *

Steven Esparza- Spanish *

Ayleen Estrada- Spanish *

Josué Valle Lara- Spanish *

Alejandro Verduzco- Spanish *

Christine Yoo- German

Christine Yoo- Korean *

Robert Estrada- Spanish *

Tess Fuqua- Spanish *

Alejandro Grajeda- Spanish *

Metzli Gutiérrez- Spanish *

Maximiliano Hultsch Martínez- Spanish † *

Sofia Lempke- Spanish † *

Jimena Loya- Spanish *

Sergio Luna- Spanish *

Yuthziry Mendoza-Prieto- Spanish *

Emmanuel Moreno- Spanish † *

Oscar Muñoz-Grijalva- Spanish *

Alicia Ochoa Hernández- Spanish *

Evelyn Ochoa-Trejo- Spanish 

*Aaren Emilio Ortiz- Spanish *

Isaac Pineda- Spanish *

Ai Khuyen Prasad- Vietnamese *

Karen Rivas-Pérez- Spanish *

Eduardo Talavera- Spanish *

Kimberlnn Torres Varela- Spanish *


Las Cruces High School

Colette Bailey- French † *

Thomas Bestelmeyer- French † *

Michelle Cárdenas- French *

Michelle Cárdenas- Spanish † *

Martín Carrasco-Castrejón- Spanish

Angel Castañeda- Spanish *

Ana Zamora-Quintero- Spanish

Camila Zubia Contreras- Spanish

Minh Ong- Vietnamese † *

Yaniris Paisano- Spanish

Jaime Ramírez-Estrada- Spanish 

María Regalado- Spanish

Yulia Sáenz- Spanish *

Daniela Salgado Castillo- Spanish

Ksenia Sevostianov- French † *

Ksenia Sevostianov- Russian *

Jessica Silva- Spanish *

Eliseo Tiqui- German *

Mia Velázquez-Acosta- Spanish *

Keeyana Washington- Spanish *

Victoria Chávez-Navarrete- Spanish

Aleyda Enríquez- Spanish *

Emily Esparza- Spanish *

Liliana Galán Romero- Spanish 

Arelis García Sánchez- Spanish *

Jair García- Spanish *

Kimberly Gómez- Spanish

Bryan González- Spanish *

Jael Lira- Spanish *

Diego Luna- Spanish *

Paula Márquez- Spanish *

Ashley Mireles León- Spanish

Alma Morales- Spanish *

Ciara Quezada- Spanish *

Ramsés Rentería Rico- Spanish

Amy Ríos- Spanish *

Dallana Rivas- Spanish *

Valeria Castillo- Spanish *

Heidi Delgado Gardea- Spanish *

Olivia León- Spanish

Jannet Estrada-Minjares- Spanish

Ever González Jiménez- Spanish

Dana González Moreno- Spanish

Kevin González- Spanish 

Cesar Marines- Spanish *

Jesús Montejo- Spanish *

Levi Montoya- Spanish *

Azul Morales- Spanish

José Moreno- French

José Moreno- Spanish *

Annie Nattakom- French † *


Mayfield High School

Kaehly Baca- Spanish *

Allison De Santiago- Spanish † *

Jared Esparza González- Spanish *

Valeria García Aguirre- Spanish *

Grisel González- Spanish *

Saida Luján- Spanish

Robert Monsiváiz- Spanish ¥ † *

Daniel Muñoz- Spanish

Vanessa Muñoz- Spanish

José Puente Vieyra- Spanish *

Oswaldo Reyes- Spanish

Alysandra Rico- Spanish

Noe Rodríguez- Spanish

Jonathan Sánchez- Spanish

Josué Urquijo- Spanish

Arely Varela- Spanish 


Organ Mountain High School

Alan Armenta Barraza- Spanish

Victoria Calzada Loera- Spanish

José Camuñez- Spanish *

Oscar Carrillo- Spanish *

María Chávez De La Cruz- Spanish

Carina Rodríguez Acosta- Spanish

Leilani Rodríguez- Spanish

Omar Rodríguez- Spanish

Celeste Rosales- Spanish *

Renee Rosas-Herrera- Spanish *

Berenise Salas-García- Spanish

Brandon Solís-Ramos- Spanish *

Maryfer Valenzuela-Maldonado- Spanish *

Itzel Zamarripa- Spanish *

Lindsey Zapata- Spanish *